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Punishment Guidelines

Offense Level

Systematic grading for offenses as well as their punishments

1 - Warning

2 - One hour mute & Warning

3 - One day mute & Warning

4 - Permanent mute & Warning

5 - One day ban

6 - One week ban

7 - Permanent ban

Warning System

Automated punishment system with pre-determined guidelines that works independently for automation purposes

1 - No action taken

2 - No action taken

3 - Automated day ban

4 - No action taken

5 - Automated week ban
Offenses & Severity

Grading criteria for offenses
These may be lowered or heightened based off of prior users' behavior (IE: new user being unaware of rules against foul language in chat may simply receive a lowered Level 1 offense)

Level 1

Chat Spam

Level 2

Foul language in chat

Racism in chat

Level 3

Repeated chat offenses

Level 4

Targeted racist/insulting behavior in chat

Level 5

Incorrect roaming/raiding/basing group size (Zerg)

Repeatedly hostile/toxic behavior

Player impersonation

Level 6

Bug exploitation

Map exploitation

Staff Impersonation

Level 7

Server advertisement

Hacking (use of 3rd party software)

Ban evasion

Threats to/publication of other players' information (DOX)

Threats/Attempts to disrupt server's normal traffic  (DDoS)

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About us

Flux Gaming is a community that likes to play PC Games. We largely appreciate the beauty in PC games and take pride in playing them. We are accepting to people and will gladly play with you if we have the time. The Order started off as a small clan which is now just a community of PC gamers. We first started in the United States and have moved to Australia bringing the fun. Our communities members all have various personalities and are engrossed with gaming on mainly one console. We've been searching for people to come help us have a good time and spread the word about us. If you know anyone who just wants to have a good time send them our way for the excitement and entertainment we bring to the community every day.